exact meaning in telugu

Word: exact
Meaning of exact in english - accurate, precise, careful, painstaking, demand, call for

Meanings in telugu :

kachchitamu ( కచ్చితము )

Identical words :

exactly in front - ettayeduru ( ఎట్టయెదురు )

Synonyms of exact

perfect identical definite explicit specific literal rigorous correct clear-cut express right distinct downright faithful faultless methodical nice orderly particular right on sharp unequivocal unerring veracious verbal verbatim true dead on nailed down on target on the button on the money on the numbers bull's-eye strict meticulous scrupulous exacting demanding conscientious finicky fussy heedful punctilious punctual severe conscionable extort wrest impose extract compel claim levy force oblige pinch challenge gouge bleed assess coerce requisition wrench solicit command postulate squeeze wring require constrain put on insist upon lean on

Antonyms of exact

inaccurate indefinite inexact uncertain vague ambiguous incorrect unreliable flawed imprecise wrong obscure loose fuzzy approximate careless uncareful lenient easy-going disapprove release let go give receive free

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