fade meaning in telugu

Word: fade
Meaning of fade in english - lose color, dwindle, die out

Meanings in telugu :

vaadu ( వాడు )

Identical words :

As adjective :
faded - mlaanamu ( మ్లానము )
faded ruby - karapakk ( కరపక్క )

Synonyms of fade

dim evaporate dissolve vanish dull disappear blanch neutralize tarnish muddy discolor etiolate blench bleach pale clear tone down decolorize achromatize become colorless evanish grow dim lose brightness lose luster wash out sink ebb wane wilt weaken lessen wither peter out melt abate fall fail diminish deteriorate deliquesce decline perish tire taper droop attenuate disperse rarefy quiet hush fold flag thin evanesce moderate shrivel languish die away die on vine fag out melt away poop out slack off tucker out

Antonyms of fade

darken sharpen enhance improve appear arrive brighten color strengthen recover grow increase bloom enlarge coagulate solidify prolong rise fight raise extend develop reach win go up expand

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