fix meaning in telugu

Word: fix
 Meaning of fix in english - difficult or ticklish situation, establish, make firm, determine, decide, mend, repair, prepare, plan ahead, focus on, cook a meal, manipulate, influence an event, wreak vengeance on

Meanings in telugu :

paatu ( పాతు )

Identical words :

As noun :
fixing - sansthaapanamu ( సంస్థాపనము )
As adjective :
fixed - sthaavaramu ( స్థావరము )
fixed in processions - aduruvētu ( అదురువేటు )
fixed time - gadavu ( గడవు )
fixedness - daardhyamu ( దార్ఢ్యము )
fixing the attention on god - dhyaanamu ( ధ్యానము )
fixed affection - nishth ( నిష్ఠ )
fixed annual rent - bilmakta ( బిల్మక్తా )
fixed quit-rent - bilmakta ( బిల్మక్తా )
fixed rate - makta ( మక్తా )
fixed on the top ofwater lift - munas ( మునస )

Synonyms of fix

mess dilemma box predicament spot quandary scrape embarrassment jam corner hole pickle plight hot water settle stabilize install secure consolidate thicken pin affix inculcate connect glue instill graft ingrain attach moor congeal lodge tie implant entrench locate couple cement link stick fasten catch infix stiffen bind steady harden place solidify position embed root anchor nail down rigidify rivet freeze to stay put resolve limit work out specify define appoint name conclude arrange agree on arrive at restore overhaul rebuild revamp patch adjust regulate correct revise sort face-lift doctor amend emend recondition debug reconstruct do up tune up retread fiddle with put to rights see to set up frame dispose put up prearrange precontrive predesign preorder preplan stack the deck direct fixate concentrate concenter level at get fit microwave heat warm ready make up whip up get ready buy reach have maneuver square suborn lubricate bribe corrupt buy off pull strings tamper with punish hurt get even get revenge pay back take retribution

Antonyms of fix

boon advantage solution good fortune benefit ease peace disjoin liquefy thin detach loosen disconnect dislodge disorder release misplace destroy disarrange disorganize unsettle ignore corrupt aid assist divide separate melt unfasten let go remove leave untie lose miss unfix unlink displace forget free change disturb neglect break look away eat out play fair help confuse question wonder damage harm injure worsen cool

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