full meaning in telugu

Word: full
 Meaning of full in english - brimming, filled, thorough, deep in sound, satiated in hunger

Meanings in telugu :

saantamu ( సాంతము )

Identical words :

As noun :
fullness - bharti ( భర్తి )
full moon - chauti ( చౌతి )
As adjective :
full grown - pravriddhamu ( ప్రవృద్ధము )
full of - sampoornamu ( సంపూర్ణము )
fullers earth - ooshamu ( ఊషము )
full growth - ēdh ( ఏధ )
full sentence - niroohamu ( నిరూహము )
full fully - pari ( పరి )

Synonyms of full

entire complete crowded big sufficient chock-full adequate intact packed saturated bursting satisfied padded lavish burdened jammed loaded laden teeming abounding replete stuffed impregnated overflowing abundant competent extravagant plentiful profuse voluminous awash bounteous brimful chockablock plenteous stocked weighted crammed imbued sated suffused surfeited glutted gorged jam-packed jammed full packed like sardines plethoric running over perfect detailed comprehensive maximum generous broad extensive exhaustive whole absolute unabridged itemized integral particular minute all-inclusive ample circumstantial copious plenary unlimited blow-by-blow particularized choate clocklike clear rich rounded distinct loud resonant throaty jaded lousy with

Antonyms of full

incomplete defective deficient lacking wanting inadequate insufficient hungry needy starved unsatisfied empty unloaded void imperfect unfinished restricted inexact flawed inferior broken part limited short narrow partial

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