gentle meaning in telugu

Word: gentle
Meaning of gentle in english - having a mild or kind nature, mild, temperate in effect on senses, of noble birth

Meanings in telugu :

stimitamu ( స్తిమితము )

Identical words :

As noun :
gentleness - saatvikamu ( సాత్వికము )
gentleman - pegad ( పెగడ )
gentle warmth - kadushnamu ( కదుష్ణము )
gentle warble - kaakali ( కాకలి )
gentle laugh - vihaasamu ( విహాసము )

Synonyms of gentle

genial amiable considerate mellow compassionate quiet tame pleasant benign placid tender affable moderate soft humane cool taught trained cultivated pleasing domesticated agreeable bland docile easy kindly lenient manageable meek merciful pacific peaceful pliable softhearted sympathetic tractable warmhearted biddable disciplined dove-like laid back sweet-tempered serene subdued slight smooth soothing slow calm tranquil delicate faint hushed balmy clement feeble gradual halcyon imperceptible sensitive untroubled low-pitched muted low-toned elegant genteel courteous polite refined polished cultured aristocratic blue-blooded well-bred highborn highbred Brahmin upper-class

Antonyms of gentle

irritable unfriendly hateful surly unfeeling cruel merciless agitated unkind excited callous healthy uncompassionate odorous putrid unhappy disagreeable mean hard harsh loud violent wild severe rough crude troubled sharp strong low boisterous noisy fierce intelligent roused uncontrolled significant coarse smart turbulent heavy unsophisticated impolite uncivil unmannerly

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