glowing meaning in telugu

Word: glowing
 Meaning of glowing in english - burning, bright, very happy, enthusiastic

Meanings in telugu :

iddhamu ( ఇద్ధము )

Identical words :

glowing of the skin - pulakalu ( పులకలు )

Synonyms of glowing

vivid florid vibrant flaming gleaming luminous flushed beaming sanguine warm rich red lambent lustrous rubicund ruddy suffused aglow phosphorescent fiery rhapsodic blazing rave keen eager heated ardent avid complimentary desirous ecstatic fervent fervid fierce impassioned laudatory passionate zealous hot-blooded adulatory eulogistic

Antonyms of glowing

pale pallid dull sad unhappy unenthusiastic unsmiling cold

Related English Telugu Meaning

glowinglyglue cause to adhereglueglutenglutinous secretion of the fleshglutonousgluttonousgnashgnashing noisegnatgnawgo backgo downgo offgo on properlygo on wellgo outgo overgo throughgo to pieces to be broken
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