gone meaning in telugu

Word: gone
Meaning of gone in english - not present, no longer in existence

Meanings in telugu :

vitamu ( వీతము )

Identical words :

gone through - adhigatamu ( అధిగతము )
gone out - vinirgatamu ( వినిర్గతము )
gone in - pravishtamu ( ప్రవిష్టము )

Synonyms of gone

retired departed moved spent ended done traveling withdrawn quit removed lacking split vanished missing finished dissipated absent displaced lost transferred deceased left astray away dead defunct down the drain extinct over past passed shifted disintegrated disappeared flown elapsed decamped consumed dissolved AWOL burned up dried up no more nonextant not a sign of not here out the window run-off taken a powder taken leave

Antonyms of gone

incomplete unfinished sufficient stored existing living current working hoarded saved found present alive

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