green meaning in telugu

Word: green
 Meaning of green in english - young, new, blooming, inexperienced, emerald in color, referring to practices or policies that do not negatively affect the environment, square or park in center of town

Meanings in telugu :

haritamu ( హరితము )

Identical words :

As noun :
greens - kir ( కీర )
green ginger - allamu ( అల్లము )
green unripe fruit - kaay ( కాయ )
green vitriol - kaasinamu ( కాసీనము )
green sauce - pachchadi ( పచ్చడి )
greenness on putrid water - paadu ( పాడు )
green color - madupu ( మదుపు )
green silk cloth - maandaaLi ( మాందాళి )
greenness - rōku ( రోకు )

Synonyms of green

grassy lush raw tender fresh verdant leafy maturing supple unripe juvenile infant growing budding recent immature flourishing callow pliable puerile unseasoned youthful burgeoning developing sprouting foliate pullulating bosky half-formed undecayed undried unfledged ungrown verduous tenderfoot innocent credulous gullible ignorant inexpert ingenuous naive unpolished unskillful unsophisticated untrained unversed unpracticed unconversant wet behind the ears fir sap jade sage moss pine forest olive blue-green peacock apple spinach willow verdigris malachite beryl chartreuse kelly aquamarine lime bice greenish-blue vert viridian ecological biodegradable environment-friendly environmental environmentally-safe field lawn turf plaza common terrace sward

Antonyms of green

healthy experienced dying adult mature shrinking withered expert skilled withering old

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