harmony meaning in telugu

Word: harmony
 Meaning of harmony in english - social agreement, correspondence, balance, musical accordance

Meanings in telugu :

sōyagamu ( సోయగము )

Identical words :

harmony in music - saaLagamu ( సాళగము )

Synonyms of harmony

unanimity tranquility peace understanding consensus unity cooperation consistency good will conformity rapport friendship kinship empathy concord amity sympathy affinity compatibility amicability like-mindedness meeting of minds integrity integration tune togetherness concordance consonance symmetry articulation proportion chime congruity regularity suitability parallelism fitness oneness conformance order arrangement melody composition unison concert richness concurrence piece chorus euphony symphony triad blend overtone chord blending polyphony diapason harmonics tunefulness melodiousness attunement concentus concinnity mellifluousness

Antonyms of harmony

discord dislike hatred incompatibility clash fighting disproportion imbalance cacophony disagreement jangling unevenness disorganization

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