hazard meaning in telugu

Word: hazard
Meaning of hazard in english - danger, luck, chance, take a chance, risk

Meanings in telugu :

tavaayi ( తవాయి )

Synonyms of hazard

peril threat endangerment jeopardy imperilment dynamite double trouble hot potato risky business thin ice mishap accident possibility misfortune toss-up fling coincidence fluke adventure go wager long shot lucky break stroke of luck hundred-to-one lucky hit way the ball bounces way the cookie crumbles guess jeopardize presume stake conjecture submit try suppose proffer speculate dare gamble volunteer throw out go for broke go out on limb skate on thin ice

Antonyms of hazard

safety protection safeguard reality assurance certainty determination fact proof surety design plan measure disbelieve abstain dissuade calculate save

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