herd meaning in telugu

Word: herd
 Meaning of herd in english - large group, gather, shepherd

Meanings in telugu :

yoodhamu ( యూధము )

Identical words :

As noun :
herdsman - gōpudu ( గోపుడు )
herd of cattle - mand ( మంద )
herd of oxen - aukshakamu ( ఔక్షకము )
herd of camels - aushtrakamu ( ఔష్ట్రకము )
herd of elephants - haastikamu ( హాస్తికము )

Synonyms of herd

throng brood swarm horde mob flock gathering crowd people drove populace crush lot rabble multitude bevy flight nest drift collection press clan school covey mass assemblage pack hoi polloi gaggle corral round up goad huddle poke force lead associate muster drive punch congregate run assemble rally spur guide

Antonyms of herd

dissuade obey disperse scatter discourage lose divide separate halt

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