his meaning in telugu

Word: his
Meaning of his in english - own, greeting, hello

Meanings in telugu :

vaani ( వాని )

Identical words :

As noun :
hiss - chuyi ( చుయి )
history - charit ( చరిత )
his amours - indrudu ( ఇంద్రుడు )
history traditional accounts of former events heroic history - itihaasamu ( ఇతిహాసము )
hissing - bus ( బుస )
his warp - oodit ( ఊడిత )
hissing sound - dissu ( దిస్సు )
his her - tan ( తన )
his servants also called - tommaramu ( తొమ్మరము )
his reverencethus used in - bhattaachaari ( భట్టాచారి )

Synonyms of his

owned mine endemic individual inherent intrinsic particular peculiar personal private resident hers its theirs very own yours letter nod ovation salute reception card hail salutation blow respects acknowledgment testimonial aloha note notice attention rumble regards address salaam heralding ciao accosting howdy highball how-do-you-do compliments best wishes compellation good wishes high five speaking to ushering in what's happening welcome greetings bonjour buenas noches buenos dias good day good morning hey hi-ya how are you how goes it howdy-do shalom

Antonyms of his

heedlessness ignorance farewell goodbye neglect adios

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