honor meaning in telugu

Word: honor
Meaning of honor in english - respect, integrity, praise, award, recognize, treat with respect

Meanings in telugu :

sanmaanamu ( సన్మానము )

Identical words :

honorific pluralto singular nouns as - gaaru ( గారు )
honorary gift - paaritōshikamu ( పారితోషికము )
honorary distinctive mark - birudu ( బిరుదు )
honorific title likemr - raavu ( రావు )
honorable woman - simaati ( సీమాటి )

Synonyms of honor

dignity confidence trust glory faith attention credit reputation esteem distinction tribute prestige fame recognition celebration wreath rank apotheosis adulation renown laurel worship aggrandizement obeisance adoration veneration homage greatness deference repute notice elevation exaltation fealty reverence consideration glorification account popularity laud approbation deification canonization high standing immortalization lionization honesty courage virtue decency fairness morality truthfulness righteousness morals probity character uprightness modesty purity goodness innocence rectitude chastity incorruption honestness principles incorruptness trustworthiness acclaim pleasure favor accolade compliment privilege commendation laurels regard decoration kudos badge bays source of pride admire appreciate commemorate observe celebrate glorify ennoble prize sublime sanctify dignify magnify value keep erect venerate lionize adore distinguish hallow decorate uprear be faithful be true give glad hand give key to city live up to look up to

Antonyms of honor

lowliness distrust doubt disbelief disregard ignorance disclaimer dishonor ill repute disobedience disrespect scorn heedlessness disdain debasement degradation denunciation derision disgrace humiliation blemish stigma censure condemnation reproach unimportance blame criticism neglect depression dishonesty evil indecency impurity immorality disapproval hate despise ignore belittle degrade castigate humiliate shame dislike insult denounce criticize overlook forget lower mock

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