in chorus meaning in telugu

Word: in chorus
 Meaning of in chorus in english - harmonious, en masse, harmonic, symphonious

Meanings in telugu :

kolakol ( కొలకొల )

Synonyms of in chorus

cordial peaceful balanced congenial amicable accordant adapted compatible congruous consonant dulcet euphonious like matching mellifluous melodic melodious mix musical similar sonorous suitable symmetrical sympathetic symphonic tuneful rhythmical coordinated concordant harmonizing in accord in concert in harmony in step in tune in unison of one mind on same wavelength silvery simpatico sweet-sounding ensemble jointly together unanimously wholly all at once as a body as a group as a whole as one collectively communally cooperatively en bloc in a group unitedly

Antonyms of in chorus

hostile unfriendly cacophonous discordant inharmonious opposed unlike disagreeable dissonant

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