inconsistency meaning in telugu

Word: inconsistency
 Meaning of inconsistency in english - discrepancy

Meanings in telugu :

klishtat ( క్లిష్టత )

Synonyms of inconsistency

deviation paradox divergence disagreement disparity inequality difference unlikeness disproportion incongruity dissonance contrariety variance dissimilarity disproportionateness

Antonyms of inconsistency

sameness accord likeness similarity alikeness equality congruity conformity uniformity agreement harmony

Related English Telugu Meaning

inconsistentinconstancyincontinenceinconvenienceinconvenientincorporeal oneincorporealincrease of wealth and of other thingsincreaseincreased by an unitincreasedincuredincurpunishmentincurredas expenseincursionindecentindecisionindeed asindeed do you see is it not so rememberindeed look ye see
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