insipid meaning in telugu

Word: insipid
Meaning of insipid in english - dull, uninteresting, tasteless

Meanings in telugu :

chavv ( చవ్వ )

Synonyms of insipid

innocuous vapid trite bland banal anemic arid beige blah colorless commonplace dead drab dry feeble flat inane jejune lifeless limp mild mundane nothing ordinary plain pointless prosaic slight soft spiritless stale stupid subdued tame tedious tenuous tired unimaginative watery weak wearisome wishy-washy nebbish weariful ho-hum characterless driveling prosy unappetizing distasteful flavorless unpalatable unsavory watered-down

Antonyms of insipid

exciting exhilarating interesting pleasing appetizing delicious tasty yummy sharp

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