know meaning in telugu

Word: know
 Meaning of know in english - understand information, be familiar with

Meanings in telugu :

arayu ( అరయు )

Identical words :

As adjective :
known - viditamu ( విదితము )
knowing - vinduvu ( విందువు )
knowledge - vēdamu ( వేదము )
knowable - vēdyamu ( వేద్యము )
knowledge of the truth - pram ( ప్రమ )
knowledge of science - vigyaanamu ( విజ్ఞానము )

Synonyms of know

notice recognize appreciate perceive experience see have learn realize ken discriminate prize apprehend fathom comprehend grasp differentiate distinguish undergo discern apperceive be acquainted be cognizant be conversant in be informed be learned be master of be read be schooled be versed feel certain get the idea have down pat have information have knowledge of keep up on on top of identify fraternize associate taste savor sustain be acquainted with be friends with get acquainted

Antonyms of know

ignore misunderstand mix up miss neglect overlook confuse misinterpret forget not get be ignorant

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