lie down meaning in telugu

Word: lie down
Meaning of lie down in english - fall, kick back, lie, relax, repose, rest, turn in

Meanings in telugu :

pannundu ( పన్నుండు )

Synonyms of lie down

go down drop slump die submit perish resign yield bend succumb capitulate obey back down give in go under give up be casualty be destroyed be killed be lost be taken defer to eat dirt fall to pieces give way pass into enemy hands unwind recline calm down chill out take it easy sit back breathe easy collect oneself compose oneself cool off feel at home hang loose loosen up make oneself at home mellow out settle back sit around take a break take a breather take a load off take ten wind down catch one's breath put one's feet up sprawl sleep retire couch lounge nap siesta loll laze be prone be recumbent be supine go to bed stretch out soften tranquilize knock off unbend unlax ease off let oneself go simmer down stop work take time out take one's time loaf slumber slant deposit tilt place lay down settle down lean spell slack slacken nod doze snooze dream idle let down let up sit down drowse be at ease be comfortable ease up lie by lie still put feet up refresh oneself slack off take a nap take five take life easy flop hit the hay go to sleep hit the sack pile in roll in

Antonyms of lie down

increase ascend disobey climb attain overcome overthrow rise fight go up scale advance reach win straighten stand be honest be upright worry energize excite grow agitate irritate tense be active do move be busy activate carry out walk awaken

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