loosen meaning in telugu

Word: loosen
Meaning of loosen in english - unbind

Meanings in telugu :

viduchu ( విడుచు )

Identical words :

loosen earth - keluku ( కెలుకు )
loosened - vidu ( వీడు )
looseness of the bowels - bēdi ( బేది )
looseness - shaithilyamu ( శైథిల్యము )

Synonyms of loosen

break up slacken relax ease loose undo unlock untie alleviate unloose extricate unclasp unfasten disconnect unbuckle separate disjoin deliver free discharge detach emancipate mitigate unhitch disengage unbutton unleash release manumit liberate untighten unscrew unlash unbar unbolt unchain unlace unstrap unpin unhook become unfastened disenthrall ease off let go let out unfix unlatch unsnap unstick work free

Antonyms of loosen

tighten increase fasten connect couple hitch hook link combine unite limit restrain confine detain imprison incarcerate button attach join hold keep

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