lump meaning in telugu

Word: lump
Meaning of lump in english - clump, mass, tolerate, withstand

Meanings in telugu :

lodd ( లొద్ద )

Identical words :

lump of rice - pindamu ( పిండము )
lumpas of sugar of civet - lapp ( లప్ప )
lump of earth - lōshtamu ( లోష్టము )

Synonyms of lump

bump swelling chunk wad tumor bulge pile knot wedge chip morsel cluster growth bunch protrusion group dab section gob much lot ball agglomeration mountain protuberance handful spot bulk part bit peck crumb solid nugget portion cake piece scrap block tumescence knurl stomach brook bear abide take endure swallow suffer digest

Antonyms of lump

whole individual little depression one refuse reject avoid dodge shun discontinue disallow misunderstand stop change fight

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