mad meaning in telugu

Word: mad
 Meaning of mad in english - crazy, insane, angry, enthusiastic, in love

Meanings in telugu :

mattamu ( మత్తము )

Identical words :

As noun :
madness - vēduru ( వేదురు )
made of iron - inap ( ఇనప )
made - prakalpitamu ( ప్రకల్పితము )
made of one piece of wood - ēkaandamu ( ఏకాండము )
made of the washings of rice - kuditi ( కుడితి )
madras langur - gandangi ( గండంగి )
made void - tappu ( తప్పు )
made of milk - timmanamu ( తిమ్మనము )
made on the forehead with black - tilakamu ( తిలకము )
made of bulrush - tung ( తుంగ )
made of vegetables - pachchadi ( పచ్చడి )
made in the form ofhand - piru ( పీరు )
made of strips of bamboo - pendemu ( పెండెము )
made known - vinnamu ( విన్నము )
made public - baahiramu ( బాహిరము )

Synonyms of mad

fantastic frenzied delirious kooky nutty demented frantic absurd foolish psychotic aberrant bananas batty crazed cuckoo daft deranged distracted foolhardy frenetic illogical imprudent invalid irrational loony ludicrous lunatic mental non compos mentis nonsensical preposterous rabid raving senseless unbalanced unhinged unreasonable unsafe unsound unstable wacky of unsound mind off one's rocker out of one's mind resentful livid agitated furious distraught excited abandoned berserk enraged incensed infuriated irritated provoked raging uncontrolled wild wrathful exasperated fuming seeing red very upset nuts ardent avid devoted enthused fanatical fond hooked impassioned infatuated keen zealous

Antonyms of mad

collected sane rational sensible wise OK disenchanted calm balanced reasonable sound cheered happy unenthusiastic cheerful composed peaceful

Related English Telugu Meaning

maddermade from sugarmade in suratmade in the form ofhandmade knownmade of bamboomade of bulrushmade of goldmade of grassmade of hornmade of ironmade of itmade of milkmade of one piece of woodmade of oyster shellmade of stonemade of strips of bamboomade of the washings of ricemade of three strings of munja grassmade of vegetables
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