make meaning in telugu

Word: make
Meaning of make in english - create, build, induce, compel, designate, appoint, enact, execute, add up to, constitute, estimate, infer, earn, acquire, arrive, aim at

Meanings in telugu :

srijianchu ( సృజించు )

Identical words :

As noun :
maker - kart ( కర్త )
make an effort - ookianchu ( ఊకించు )
make an indistinct sound - ookottu ( ఊకొట్టు )
make away with - tarumu ( తరుము )
make-weightpoise - tookamu ( తూకము )
makebate - naaradudu ( నారదుడు )
make foul - maapu ( మాపు )
make soft - midianchu ( మీదించు )
make better - sanskarianchu ( సంస్కరించు )

Synonyms of make

manufacture compose prepare form produce cause generate spawn fashion secure frame invent cook shape mold whip accomplish parent construct hatch forge beget engender effect assemble arrange procreate fabricate conceive originate synthesize initiate adjust brew occasion bring about cook up draw on dream up knock off put together dash off get ready give rise to lead to tear off throw together whip out start require force drive coerce oblige tamper impress interfere impel constrain meddle horn in pressurize dragoon concuss shotgun prevail upon invest advance tap name nominate ordain delegate install proffer tender elect assign select finger do perform carry out conduct pass establish wage prosecute decree formulate legislate fix practice declare draft carry on draw up carry through engage in organize represent equal texture mix comprise compound embody structure amount to make up come to collect think deduct calculate figure conclude reckon gather deduce derive gauge judge suppose dope out receive pull harvest clear sock obtain gain net reap realize hustle bring in pull down take in bring home bacon clean up meet head move reach proceed bear attain catch progress light out strike out take off arrive at arrive in time break for get to

Antonyms of make

destroy ruin raze dismantle demolish ignore disperse scatter derange disarrange disorder disorganize terminate dissuade prevent demote renounce deny disallow refuse refute veto measure neglect break give up lose tell truth fail finish kill divide separate confuse end crush discourage halt stop calculate let go leave alone take back pass over keep cease idle forget exclude unmix estimate guess disbelieve forfeit plant retreat retrogress decrease stay

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