manner meaning in telugu

Word: manner
Meaning of manner in english - person's behavior, conduct, method, approach, class, category

Meanings in telugu :

zōk ( ోక )

Identical words :

As noun :
manners - chēsht ( చేష్ట )
manner of method - paaLamu ( పాళము )
manner of walking - pravritti ( ప్రవృత్తి )
manner of dress - vēshamu ( వేషము )

Synonyms of manner

style tone look presence aspect appearance demeanor way bearing mien idiosyncrasy mannerism air peculiarity comportment deportment address affectation affectedness turn fashion form habit process practice technique system mode line procedure wont use wise means routine custom trick usage tack tenor genre consuetude habitude vein modus sort kind variety nature type brand

Antonyms of manner

reality absence

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