meanness meaning in telugu

Word: meanness
 Meaning of meanness in english - the quality of being mean, a mean action

Meanings in telugu :

hainyamu ( హైన్యము )

Synonyms of meanness

avarice malice greed closeness disrepute parsimony wickedness rapacity corruptness covetousness frugality infamy degradation malignity debasement baseness iniquity pettiness degeneracy unworthiness stinginess miserliness sordidness unkindness beastliness shamelessness lowness unscrupulousness abjection churlishness contemptibleness ill-temper knavishness smallmindedness cheating scolding degrading groveling quarreling sneaking belittling coveting deceiving defaming defrauding dishonoring grudging

Antonyms of meanness

generosity benevolence goodness morality virtue nobility honor

Related English Telugu Meaning

meansmeasure called twomeasure calledgarce containing lbsmeasure of any kindmeasure of capacity calledmeasure of capacity containing twelvemeasure of capacitymeasure of distance equal to four coss that ismeasure of four finger-breadthsmeasure of grainmeasure of landmeasure of ninemeasure of quantity equal to four kunchamsmeasure of threemeasure offootmeasure with which chunammeasuremeasured from the thumb to the end of the ring fingermeasurement of grain after thrasing and before sharing itmeasurement of land
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