miscreant meaning in telugu

Word: miscreant
 Meaning of miscreant in english - evil, immoral, person who is very bad, immoral

Meanings in telugu :

mundadi ( ముందడి )

Identical words :

miscreantculprit - dong ( దొంగ )

Synonyms of miscreant

criminal reprobate degenerate corrupt depraved flagitious infamous iniquitous nefarious perverse reprehensible unhealthy unprincipled vicious villainous wicked rascally culprit pickpocket hoodlum felon wrongdoer ruffian louse vagabond delinquent racketeer drunkard scoundrel malefactor fink bully evildoer sneak outcast loafer convict scalawag blackguard wretch outlaw rowdy scamp caitiff scum heel cad black sheep lowlife rapscallion jailbird bootlegger

Antonyms of miscreant

moral good nice

Related English Telugu Meaning

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