moth meaning in telugu

Word: moth
 Meaning of moth in english - insect, caterpillar

Meanings in telugu :

chiri ( చీరి )

Identical words :

As noun :
mother - maat ( మాత )
mother of hanumān - aanjan ( అంజన )
mother-in-law - att ( అత్త )
mother any old - avv ( అవ్వ )
mother thus contracted in composition - tali ( తలి )
mother of the asuras - diti ( దితి )
mother of the god krishna - dēvaki ( దేవకి )
mother of the pandus - prith ( పృథ )
mothers brother - maamakudu ( మామకుడు )

Synonyms of moth

tick vermin pest mite bee fly louse arachnid butterfly gnat dragonfly grasshopper spider cockroach termite ant mosquito beetle flea fruit fly aphid ladybug cootie bumblebee bedbug arthropod hornet daddy longlegs praying mantis yellowjacket canker tractor larva

Related English Telugu Meaning

mother any oldmother of hanumānmother of the asurasmother of the god krishnamother of the pandusmother thus contracted in compositionmother-in-lawmothermothers brothermotion in generalmotion towardsmotionmotionlessmotionlessnessmotivemouldmouldymound of earth raised in front ofgatemound of earthmound
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