move meaning in telugu

Word: move
 Meaning of move in english - progress, deed, be in motion, put in motion, motivate, influence

Meanings in telugu :

naduchu ( నడుచు )

Identical words :

As noun :
movement - pallat ( పల్లట )
move from - kadalu ( కదలు )
move aside - krēdianchu ( క్రేడించు )
move lewdly - gullianchu ( గుల్లించు )
moveable - jingamamu ( జింగమము )
move the cheeks in munching - taatianchu ( తాటించు )
move sideways - tolagu ( తొలగు )

Synonyms of move

maneuver shift measure ploy step procedure act action change movement stratagem proceeding alteration variation turn stroke modification stir stirring propel migrate walk jump go carry ship transport blow transfer travel cross relocate run drift fly advance flow drive remove leave switch withdraw push climb traverse depart actuate quit glide leap exit split scram roll march transpose bustle hurry crawl disturb shove impel budge position dislocate get off pull out take off locomote get away get going go away head for off-load skip out convert lead bring operate start activate prompt inspire agitate persuade touch quicken suggest incite submit recommend impress sway instigate urge propose advocate excite introduce strike induce inspirit affect rouse cause stimulate bring up draw up give rise to play on prevail upon put forward tug at

Antonyms of move

stagnation inaction repose cessation idleness inactivity inertia stoppage regression rest failure decrease remain cease walk retreat retrogress dissuade repress wait dally calm delay slow pause dishearten hold keep stay face decline come halt continue discourage arrive enter leave alone order fix prevent lull quiet tranquilize hinder suppress lose dull

Related English Telugu Meaning

moveablemovementmoving crookedlymovingmowingmuch as much as one pleasesmuch bentmuch bowed downmuch celebratedmuch dampnessmuch fallenmuch greatlymuch heatedmuch intensemuch praisedmuch sharpenedmuch useless talkingmuchmuchness separation as inmuchreferring to sunshine
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