need meaning in telugu

Word: need
Meaning of need in english - want, requirement, poverty, emergency, pressing lack, want something

Meanings in telugu :

aavashyakamu ( ఆవశ్యకము )

Identical words :

As adjective :
needy - bid ( బీద )

Synonyms of need

use right wish commitment demand obligation urgency duty longing exigency extremity weakness charge occasion requisite compulsion essential must devoir committal desideratum ought the urge shortage impecuniousness distress pennilessness privation destitution deprivation inadequacy indigence paucity neediness insufficiency poorness impoverishment penury necessity deficiency desire call for claim miss hunger covet necessitate thirst hanker lust crave pine exact yearn do without be deficient be deprived be down and out be hard up be in need of be in want be inadequate be needy be poor be short be without die for drive for feel a dearth of feel the necessity for feel the pinch go hungry have occasion for have occasion to have use for hurt for suffer privation

Antonyms of need

luxury riches wealth plenty nonessential have comfort fortune abundance enough sufficiency affluence adequacy dislike hate abjure despise give not want

Related English Telugu Meaning

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