noble meaning in telugu

Word: noble
Meaning of noble in english - aristocratic, dignified, excellent, member of royal or important family

Meanings in telugu :

varēnyamu ( వరేణ్యము )

Identical words :

As noun :
nobleman - raazu ( రాు )
noble by birth - kulinudu ( కులీనుడు )
noblest thing - kaustubhamu ( కౌస్తుభము )
nobleness - gauravamu ( గౌరవము )
noble opal - chandrakaantamu ( చంద్రకాంతము )

Synonyms of noble

patrician imperial gentle kingly highborn queenly titled wellborn virtuous great splendid extraordinary imposing grand magnificent distinguished charitable benevolent brilliant worthy honorable humane gracious high-minded lofty upright liberal august elevated beneficent benign big courtly eminent first-rate generous impressive magnanimous meritorious preeminent refined remarkable reputable stately sublime supreme sympathetic tolerant bounteous cultivated great-hearted count gentleman royalty peer lord emperor lady prince empress blue blood duke archduchess archduke countess gentlewoman princess

Antonyms of noble

ignoble lowly servile unsophisticated undignified unrefined unaristocratic insignificant unimportant unknown stupid usual malevolent unkind unsympathetic dishonorable bad poor humble ordinary common normal modest unimpressive inhumane mean severe

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