one who is meaning in telugu

Word: one who is

Meanings in telugu :

sthaat ( స్థాత )

Identical words :

one who is distinguished bysign - ankakaadu ( అంకకాడు )
one who is very small like an atom - aniyudu ( అణీయుడు )
one who is notgod - adēvudu ( అదేవుడు )
one who is under age - apraaptavyavahaarudu ( అప్రాప్తవ్యవహారుడు )
one who is ignorant - avyaktudu ( అవ్యక్తుడు )
one who isbi-dexter - kavvadi ( కవ్వడి )
one who is diligent - tatparudu ( తత్పరుడు )
one who is ostentatious - daambhikudu ( దాంభికుడు )
one who is skilful - nishnaatudu ( నిష్ణాతుడు )
one who is awake - prabuddhudu ( ప్రబుద్ధుడు )
one who is very pleased - pramuditudu ( ప్రముదితుడు )
one who is simple - bēl ( బేల )
one who is pious - mumukshuvu ( ముముక్షువు )
one who is conversant witha subject - vigyudu ( విజ్ఞుడు )
one who is malevolent - vimatudu ( విమతుడు )

Related English Telugu Meaning

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