Unfair meaning in hindi | Unfair ka matlab 

Unfair meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Unfair 
Usage of Unfair: 1: I will resign rather than take part in such an unfair deed. 2: He used unfair means in the examination. 3: She should seek legal redress for unfair dismissal. 4: used unfair methods 5: Many considered this unfair 6: …I do not think I am unfair to 7: "the unfair advantages of using state resources for party ends 8: We get to read a lot about unfair practices in elections . 9: A guilty maneuver unfair 10: A guilty maneuver unfair
Unfair ki paribhasha : vah vratt jisake chaaron charanon men baraabar baraabar akshar na hon, balki kam aur jyaada akshar hon 0781 karanevaala ek kid

Usage of Unfair in sentences

The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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