Vengeance meaning in hindi | Vengeance ka matlab 

Vengeance meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Vengeance 
Usage of Vengeance: 1: He took vengeance against his friend for the act he did 2: “swear vengeance against all the Whites 3: No one dared to take vengeance on them 4: Alexander declared the war of vengeance over 5: Tomyris denounced Cyrus' tactics as underhanded and swore vengeance 6: Hitting a vengeance 7: If carried away his vengeance 8: In France, public vengeance belonged only to people of King 9: It listed here only because of its use as a common name in the direction of Anger, divine vengeance 10: It's wearing is pushed too far vengeance
Vengeance ki paribhasha : vah hinsa jo kisi hinsa ka badala chukaane ke liye ki jaay vah kaam jo kisi baat ka badala chukaane ke liye kiya jaay ek vastu dekar doosari vastu liya jaana ya ek vastu lekar doosari vastu diya jaana

Usage of Vengeance in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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