Versed meaning in hindi | Versed ka matlab 

Versed meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Versed 
Usage of Versed: 1: Kalidasa was versed in similies 2: Pauling was well versed in quantum mechanics 3: A man versed in Rabbinism 4: It is deeply versed in this science 5: It is more versed in the humanities than in theology 6: It is not in use for more than one expert man and versed in the knowledge of some things 7: One of the two genres, the one who is versed in epigraphy 8: One of the two genres, the one who is versed in palaeography 9: One who is versed in books, editions, etc 10: One who is versed in Logic
Versed ki paribhasha : achchha gaane, bajaane ya bolanevaala kisi vishay ka bahut achchha gyaata ya jaanakaar jisamen kisi kaam ko chatapat sugamataapoorvak karane ki shakti ho

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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