Veto meaning in hindi | Veto ka matlab 

Veto meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Veto 
Usage of Veto: 1: THe U.N put a veto on the resolution 2: These members hold veto power over substantive 3: The President may also choose to veto the bill 4: The House of Lords, exceptionally, retains its power of veto over such a Bill. 5: Though China had the authority to veto such an action 6: His Majesty has a veto power". 7: The governor can veto the bill 8: Home Rule seemed certain in 1911 when the House of Lords lost their veto 9: Bismarck pushed for his support to veto the bill in its entirety. 10: The mayor has no veto powers.
Veto ki paribhasha : sharmida karane, hey banaane ya hataanevaala aisi sthiti jisase chal ya badh na sake kisi vyavasthaapika sabha ke svikrat prastaav ya mntavy ko asvikrat karane ka adhikaar

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The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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