Voluntarily meaning in hindi | Voluntarily ka matlab 

Voluntarily meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Voluntarily 
Usage of Voluntarily: 1: he voluntarily submitted to the fingerprinting 2: He voluntarily submitted to the fingerprinting 3: She removed herself from office voluntarily . 4: Ford also voluntarily appeared before Congress on October 17 5: The last individual to leave the Privy Council voluntarily was Jonathan Aitken 6: The citizens of Moscow had voluntarily participated in the coup in 1606 7: Some of them, especially Polish Communists , moved voluntarily 8: On Cicero's evidence that he had reported what he knew of the plot voluntarily 9: Agreement voluntarily treated 10: By extension, it means attitude of one who was voluntarily and by system

Usage of Voluntarily in sentences

The word can be used as verb or adverb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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