Wand meaning in hindi | Wand ka matlab 

Wand meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Wand 
Usage of Wand: 1: Flying Rocket, Rocket which is attached a wand and that rises by itself in the air when you are fired 2: hazel wand 3: He had a wand in hand 4: Increase bow, device used to remove the hairs of the wand 5: It also expresses a wooden wand that is used to put various objects such as candles, candles or herrings, etc 6: It is a Man who commands the wand 7: It says figuratively, in terms of Architecture, a rope-shaped carved wand 8: Mark on the skin produced by a wand or similar to that produced a wand 9: Musical instruments from the Far East, consisting of a metal disc which sounds are drawn resounding hitting him with a wand topped with skin 10: One put ferrules to guns, the guns, to hold the wand
Wand ki paribhasha : naram chhaal ke jhaadon aur paudhon ka dhad aur tahani lakadi ya baaans ka sidha lnba tukad lahange, paajaame aadi men gokharoo, chutaki aadi ki sidhi tankaayi

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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