Weakness meaning in hindi | Weakness ka matlab 

Weakness meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Weakness 
Usage of Weakness: 1: his weakness increased as he became older 2: His physical weakness lead to mental degeneration. 3: His physical weakness degenerated his mental abilities also. 4: in spite of their weakness the group remains active 5: a case of steroid-induced weakness 6: Due to weakness he was unable to stand. 7: John has a weakness for Mary . 8: Muscle weakness also occurs in the arms 9: Generalized weakness and muscle wasting first affecting the muscles of the hips 10: However, an identified weakness changed all the previous plans.
Weakness ki paribhasha : saankhy men buddhi aur indriyon ka badh ya viparyay kisi vastu ki praapti ya nirntar bhog ke liye athava koi kaary karate rahane ke liye honevaali tivr abhilaasha ya kaamana

Usage of Weakness in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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