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White meaning in hindi

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As noun : अनील Ex:  this company is the great white hope of the nuclear industrys waste management policy
अव्यक्तराग Ex:  They were dressed in white singlets. किंजल्क Ex:  Some white paint will lighten this room up a lot . गोरा Ex:  I sprayed the fence with white paint . उ:   इनका रंग गोरा या हल्का गेंहुआ होता है। गौरवर्ण Ex:  The racial make up of the state is 91.0% white जरनिगार Ex:  On others, the colours of the extra white keys are reversed . तपता हुआ Ex:  In 1884, Douglass married Helen Pitts, a white feminist from Honeoye, New York. दूधवाली Ex:  D.C. The U.S. Virgin Islands are known for their white sand beaches धउल Ex:  Symptoms include white spots on the carapace and a red hepatopancreas. धमल Ex:  The school colors are carnelian and white धवल Ex:  High-quality white chocolate couvertures contain only about 33% cocoa. उ:   शंकरगण ने मुग्धतुंग, प्रसिद्ध धवल तथा रणविग्रह विरुद्ध धारण किए। धोल Ex:  Newark's white population decreased from 363,000 to 266,000. From 1960 to 1967 धौला Ex:  , was a white Jamaican of English descent, who lived in Liverpool. उ:   धौला कुआं दिल्ली के रिंग मार्ग पर आने वाला एक बस स्टॉप है। निष्कलंक Ex:  They are led by the Mogwai Stripe, who has a white mohawk-like hairstyle. पांडूरा Ex:  The right whale's callosities appear white पिअर ‡ Ex:  Costa Rica has a population of 4,133,884 of which 94% are Mestizo or white पीतराग Ex:  In it he initially wore white but modified his robe. पीतवर्ण Ex:  54.8% is listed as black, 34.1% as white and 6.4% as multiracial. पीरो Ex:  The rest is 14% Amerindian and mixed West Indian, 10% white and 6% Amerindian. पीला Ex:  McDaniel had befriended several of Hollywood's most popular white stars उ:   पीला पराग झरने के बाद, पकने पर लाल हो जाते हैं। फरशा Ex:  98.7% of Dorset's population are of white ethnicity फिरंगी Ex:  1909. With their hulls painted white and red उ:   फिरंगी महल ने भारत के मुसलमानों का नेतृत्व किया और आगे बढ़ाया। बरफोला Ex:  A different study describes white evangelicals रक्तहीन Ex:  300,406 were white and 282,775 were persons of color रौष्यता Ex:  Devil's Hole pupfish, coelacanths, and great white sharks. वलक्ष Ex:  The hottest flames are white in appearance. विपांडु Ex:  Aruba is renowned for its white विपांडुर Ex:  The color of the field and the 13 white stars व्हाइट Ex:  The Revolutionary Army also used a flag featuring the colors white उ:   क्लब के घर स्टेडियम व्हाइट हार्ट लेन है। शुक्लल Ex:  The majority of the white population is ethnically Irish and British शोण Ex:  The Klan went after white members of these groups शौक्ल्य Ex:  Ohio, after accusations that he sexually assaulted a nine-year-old white girl. श्वितान Ex:  The white population speaks in either English or Afrikaans. श्वित्न, श्वित्न्य, श्वित्य Ex:  They appear in five colors on a white field on the Olympic Flag. श्वित्र Ex:  Xanadu House featured white painted walls श्वेत Ex:  Crime levels in formerly white areas rose. उ:   यह श्वेत संगमर्मर का बना है। श्वेतता Ex:  Michigan has a large white population . श्वेतांग Ex:  After he led a series of attacks in which white settlers were killed सद्भावपूर्ण Ex:  The albumen, or egg white contains protein but little or no fat. सपेत, सपेद Ex:  Sushi is made with white सफ़ेद करना Ex:  The white rulers treated all nonwhites as inferiors . सफेद कपड़ा Ex:  Attorney white सफेद रंग Ex:  Blanc de Blanc white lead or lead, lead carbonate Sub सफेदी Ex:  Botanical plant with white flowers and punctuated purple, whose seeds, slightly larger than millet, are providing food and oil उ:   उन्होंने इस जगह पर सफेदी करवाई। सफो Ex:  both genders Man white female, born in tropical colonies A Creole सिपेद Ex:  Chemistry single body, metallic appearance white सिर्फ़ गोरों के लिये Ex:  Chemistry white metal, which combines with oxygen to chlorine, Nitrogen सुधाद्रव Ex:  CILLER SE or intransitively CILLER, says the horse that begins to have some white hairs to the orbital arcade सुनहरे रंग का Ex:  Color white सुफेदी Ex:  Crin long, black, white सेसरँग Ex:  Each of and long white son flying into the air in the beautiful autumn days and hold fast thatched, hedges, herbs हंसांशु Ex:  Give us white plates हरिद्राभ Ex:  Having white skin, white throat, white hands, white skin हिमयुक्त Ex:  He was received with all white balls हिमशृभ्र Ex:  He went to him and the goal insults white
As adjective : अर्जुनच्छवि Ex:  He was white with anger. उजला Ex:  We use white chalks to write on the blackboard. ऊजती Ex:  He is a white man. ऊजरी Ex:  Rani wore white satin dress on her birthday. ऊजला Ex:  Spread the white table cloth on the table. तीव्र उत्तेजना Ex:  In the United States, baldrics are red, white and blue. धौला Ex:  , was a white Jamaican of English descent, who lived in Liverpool. उ:   धौला कुआं दिल्ली के रिंग मार्ग पर आने वाला एक बस स्टॉप है। धौला Ex:  , was a white Jamaican of English descent, who lived in Liverpool. उ:   धौला कुआं दिल्ली के रिंग मार्ग पर आने वाला एक बस स्टॉप है। पांडूरा Ex:  The right whale's callosities appear white शिचि Ex:  He began to receive death threats from white settlers after his election. श्वित्न, श्वित्न्य, श्वित्य Ex:  They appear in five colors on a white field on the Olympic Flag. श्वित्र Ex:  Xanadu House featured white painted walls सपेत, सपेद Ex:  Sushi is made with white सफेद Ex:  Botanical Plant Bulbous of the Lily family, whose flowers are of a beautiful white उ:   मोर के पास आँखों के चरों ओर सफेद रंग की पेंच हैं। सिपेद Ex:  Chemistry single body, metallic appearance white सुपेत Ex:  Common name of various kinds of composite family including daisies, which means a small white or red flower श्वेत रंग या कुल
Other : अवदात Ex:  Clematis have pink or white flowers. उज्जवल Ex:  This soap had white suds. उ:   ग्वी शब्द न्यांजा भाषा में उज्जवल के लिए प्रयुक्त होता है। उज्जवलता Ex:  Coackroaches have white blood. उज्ज्वल Ex:  The doctor was wearing a white overall. गौर Ex:  This is a white paper . उ:   बांस हाथी और गौर समेत अनेक तृणभक्षियों का मुख्य आहार है। चिट्टा Ex:  "When that white driver stepped back toward us चिनिया Ex:  Among white American settlers झकझका Ex:  We'll get the guys in white hats! तीर मारने का निशाना Ex:  It shows what white people think of blacks. पवित्र Ex:  Many popular R&B songs were instead performed by white musicians like Pat Boone उ:   पवित्र गंगा नदी के किनारे पर स्थित है। पृष्‍ठ का अमुद्रित भाग Ex:  Native white Floridians फक Ex:  89.3% of the population were described as white फक्क Ex:  John's is dominated by the white baroque towers of St. रजत Ex:  ", which refers to the white EVA Pods of the Discovery One spaceship. उ:   रजत में 'रजतत्व' का ज्ञान अप्रमा है। रिक्‍त स्थान Ex:  The diameter of this Chakra is three-fourths of the height of the white strip. शुक्ल Ex:  ' You see a white family, it says, 'They're looking for food. उ:   शुक्ल जी की कृतियाँ तीन प्रकार की हैं। शुभ्र Ex:  These four states are each represented by a white star on the national flag. श्वेत करना Ex:  More than 98% of the white population of Mississippi is native born श्वेत रंग Ex:  Building good relations with local Native Americans and white settlers श्वेत रंग[कुल Ex:  They are of various colors: blackish, bluish-gray, red, white and yellow. श्वेवत Ex:  Unable to speak the white man's language श्‍वेत स्थान Ex:  5% Native American and 65% predominantly white mestizos. सफ़ेद Ex:  A layer of white उ:   सफ़ेद पट्टी पर बने चक्र को धर्म चक्र कहते हैं। सफ़ेदी Ex:  A white notebook सफेद करना Ex:  from red to white सफेद वस्तु Ex:  Blond hair, brown, black, brown, red, gray, gray, white सित Ex:  Chemistry metal body of a silver white that decomposes water at ordinary temperatures उ:   शेष शरीर सित धूसर और पूँछ छोटी होती है। स्वच्छ Ex:  Enhance white moldings उ:   यह पत्थर स्वच्छ पारदर्शक तथा अनेक रंगों में पाया जाता है।
White ki paribhasha : kusha ki bani hui pavitri jise shraadghaadi men aanguliyon men pahanate hain sone aur chaaandi ka mishran jisamen kisi prakaar ka kalnk na ho ek prakaar ka rng jo haladi ya sone ke rng se milata julata hota hai aur jo haladi, harasingaar aadi se banaaya jaata hai jisapar kuchh likha ya chihn na ho ek raagini jise kuchh log shri raag ki stri maanate hain aayurved men tisari tvacha ki sngya ek raag jo bharat ke mat se hindol raag ka aathavaaan putr maana jaata hai
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The word can be used as noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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