Wit meaning in hindi | Wit ka matlab 

Wit meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Wit 
Usage of Wit: 1: Birbals wit was par execellence. 2: The nut had been tightened wit a lot of force. 3: The nut had been tightened wit a lot of force. 4: This root is also present in the English word wit 5: Much of the film's wit is delivered through Norma Desmond's deadpan comments 6: His plays are noted for the lightness of their wit 7: Voltaire's wit made him popular among some of the aristocratic families. 8: "from its new and easy turn of wit 9: He said with his typical wit 10: The wit and wordplay of Much Ado About Nothing
Wit ki paribhasha : sundar alakaar aur chamatkaarapoorn uktiyon ki nipunata praachin RRishi ka naam jo paraashar ke pita the kisi vastu ki sthiti, guna, kriya ya pranaali ityaadi nirdisht karanevaala bhaav dhaaran karana bodh ya gyaan ki vratti khet ki vah koot jo bina khet naape ki jaati hai vidagdh ya poorn pndit hone ka bhaav vastuon aur vishayon ki vah bhaavana jo man ya aatma ko ho vah shakti jisake anusaar manushy kisi upasthit vishay ke snbndh men thik thik vichaar ya nirnay karata hai man ki vah shakti jisase bhale bure ka gyaan hota ho

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The word can be used as noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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