Wrath meaning in hindi | Wrath ka matlab 

Wrath meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Wrath 
Usage of Wrath: 1: Shakuntala could not pacify the wrath of Durvasa. 2: Jeff cringed before the wrath of the policeman . 3: The children f led from the wrath of the old man . 4: Missionary activities were largely successful under wrath of God. 5: Convinced that he had earned God's wrath 6: It was a common belief at the time that the plague was due to God's wrath 7: Conjurer celestial wrath 8: Facing the wrath of the anger of someone 9: Flex hardness, cruelty of a tyrant, the wrath of a Master 10: He said, specifically, that the ancient Some ceremonies were to expiate a crime or to appease the wrath of Heaven, manifested by the signs
Wrath ki paribhasha : chitt ka vah tivr udveg jo kisi anuchit aur haanikaarak kaary ko hote hue dekhakar utpann hota hai aur jisamen us haanikaarak kaary karanevaale se badala lene ki ichchha hoti hai

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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