Yawn meaning in hindi | Yawn ka matlab 

Yawn meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Yawn 
Usage of Yawn: 1: he could not suppress a yawn 2: The history class was a big yawn from start to finish. 3: A window yawn 4: Action yawn 5: Ah! ah! you yawn us the beautiful 6: I yawn in hearing about 7: Make a yawn extended 8: The boards of the partition yawn 9: The elision in French is marked with an apostrophe, as in these words, the soul, honor, that I have, if , help each other, yawn 10: The one, the one who yawns, which is subject to often yawn
Yawn ki paribhasha : muanh ke khulane ki ek svaabhaavik kriya jo nidra ya aalasy maaloom padne, sharir se bahut adhik khoon nikal jaane ya durbalata aadi ke kaaran hoti hai

Usage of Yawn in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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