Meaning of adhik achchha in english - Adhik Achchha meaning 

Meaning of adhik achchha in english

Interpreting adhik achchha - अधिक अच्छा
As noun : better
Suggested : of superior quality or excellence
Exampleअधिक अच्छा का हिन्दी मे अर्थSynonyms of adhik achchha 

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Usage of अधिक अच्छा:
1. युवा जन अधिक अच्छा प्रदर्शन करेंगेibnlive.com2. युवा अधिक अच्छा प्रदर्शन करेंगेibnlive.com3. सिंह- कला क्षेत्र से जुड़े जन अधिक अच्छा करेंगे
1. The ancient India was certainly better than this modern India
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adhik achchha can be used as noun.. No of characters: 10 including vowels consonants matras. Transliteration : adhika achChaa 
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