Meaning of atisar in english - Atisar meaning 

Meaning of atisar in english

Interpreting atisar - अतिसार
As noun : diarrhoea diarrhea
As verb : loose
Suggested : free or released from fastening or attachment
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Usage of अतिसार:
1. अतिसार नियंत्रण के लिए अभियान शुरू करेगी हरियाणा सरकार LiveHindustan
1. The unripe fruit is described as astringent and is used in combination with bela and other medicines in diarrhoea and dysentery. 2. playful children just let loose from school 3. Flavonoids can inhibit the development of diarrhea
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atisar can be used as noun or verb and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 6 including vowels consonants matras. The word is used as Noun in hindi and falls under Masculine gender originated from Sanskrit language . Transliteration : atisaara 
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