Meaning of adar karna in english - Adar Karna meaning 

Meaning of adar karna in english

Interpreting adar karna - आदर करना
As noun : deference
Suggested : to turn one's eyes toward something or in some direction in order to see Paul, 1735–1818, American silversmith and patriot, famous for his night horseback ride, April 18, 1775, to warn Massachusetts colonists of the coming of British troops relative worth, merit, or importance respectful submission or yielding to the judgment, opinion, will , etc, of another to look upon or think of with a particular feeling
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Usage of आदर करना:
1. जन प्रतिनिधियों को जन भावनाओं का आदर करना चाहिए bhaskar.com2. लेफ्टिनेंट जनरल सिंह ने कहा कि सेना के जवानों और उनके परिवारों का सभी को आदर करना चाहिए
1. We have to venerate the elders 2. Since the Advaitins regard Brahman to be the Ultimate Truth 3. his deference to her wishes was very flattering 4. I paid value added tax at the airport 5. Bring honor, revere 6. All the other boys look up to Kolya, especially Ilyusha. 7. It can even affect the worship we offer the true God, e. 8. Persons in uniform should salute in the manner prescribed by their service.
adar karna can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 8 including vowels consonants matras. Transliteration : aadara karanaa 
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