Meaning of badhana in english

Interpreting badhana - बढ़ना
As verb : accrue
flower Ex:  A fresh flower blooming grow Ex:  New teeth grow in at the back of the mouth wax Ex:  Bayberry fruits provide a wax often used to make candles. go up Ex:  To go up in smoke, vapor build Ex:  Arabs helped build a maritime trade along Africa's east coast
As adjective : flowering Ex:  In terms of Botany, it is used as a female name designate a Kind of flowering plants that take their name from the flowers that are collected in the form of small balls
Other : to increase Ex:  Another flavoring method was to increase the alcohol content to progress Ex:  Providing someone to progress to prosper to brag to multiply Ex:  Physiology Who has the power to create, the ability to multiply to advance Ex:  He does everything he can to advance His work to talk too tall to rise Ex:  British immigration began to rise after 1820 to grow Ex:  Bologna began to grow again as a free commune to excel/surpass/exceed/outdo more than Ex:  Today there are more than 800 bridges. better than Ex:  In each one of the three types he was better than its special masters. surpassing vegetate thrive Ex:  Waterfowl thrive in swamps
Suggested : Also called beeswax a solid, yellowish, nonglycerine substance allied to fats and oils, secreted by bees, plastic when warm and melting at about 145°F, variously employed in making candles, models, casts, ointments, etc, and used by bees in constructing their honeycomb the blossom of a plant to increase by natural development, as any living organism or part by assimilation of nutriment increase in size or substance the blossom of a plant to happen or result as a natural growth, addition, etc
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Usage of बढ़ना:
1. मेष- लोगों को जोड़कर आगे बढ़ना विकास करने का सर्वोत्तम ढंग हैibnlive.com2. - उन्होंने कहा, ''जो कार्यकर्ता हमारे साथ जुड़ा है, उसको एकजुट करके आगे बढ़ना है bhaskar.com3. तो इसलिए 'उड़ता पंजाब' की रिलीज डेट बढ़ना अक्षय के लिए होगा फाएदेमंद
badhana can be used as verb, adjective, transitive verb or intransitive verb and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 4 including consonants matras. Transliteration : ba.Dhanaa

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