Meaning of badha dalana in english - Badha Dalana meaning 

Meaning of badha dalana in english

Interpreting badha dalana - बाधा डा़लना
Suggested : to come into opposition, as one thing with another, especially with the effect of hampering action or procedure (often followed by with )
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Usage of बाधा डा़लना: 1. Liberals generally oppose censorship 2. This man always interfere in your affairs 3. , when it wants to drown his dog, it is said that it has rabies or Who wants to drown his dog, accused of rabies is easily finds an excuse when you lose someone wants to quarrel or 4. Initiate a bread, a melon, a block 5. Olivia, to prevent creditors from gaining possession of them. 6. Do not disturb you so, have more confidence 7. , Do not put your finger between the wood and the bark must not interfere inappropriately in dispute people naturally united, like brother and sister, husband and wife
badha dalana can be used as verb.. No of characters: 11 including consonants matras. Transliteration : baadhaa Daalanaa 
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