Meaning of bhandar men in english - Bhandar Men meaning 

Meaning of bhandar men in english

Interpreting bhandar men - भंडार में
Suggested : a supply of goods kept on hand for sale to customers by a merchant, distributor, manufacturer, etc inventory an establishment where merchandise is sold, usually on a retail basis
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Usage of भंडार में:
1. इस तहखाने जैसे भंडार में अकूत दौलत जमा कर रखी गई हैibnlive.com2. लीबिया की राजधानी के निकट सैन्य आयुध भंडार में विस्फोट में कम से कम 29 लोगों की मौत हो गयी और कई लोग घायल हो गएlivehindustan.com3. लीबियाः सैन्य आयुध भंडार में विस्फोट, 29 की मौत
1. It says also an old-fashioned object, aged in store
bhandar men can be used as noun. and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 9 including consonants matras. Transliteration : bha.nDaara me.n 
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