Meaning of ek in english - Ek meaning 

Meaning of ek in english

Interpreting ek - एक्
As noun : i ace single unit unity
As adjective : an
As adverb : any
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Usage of एक्: 1. The captors killed one of the hostages. 2. he said I am Pandit But i dont Think so 3. Lindbergh's wingman, ace Joseph E. "Fishkiller" Miller, Jr. 4. Mauritius is an island. 5. Rajiv is a simpleton. 6. Dont misplace any important document. 7. It appeared as a B-side to their single Time for Heroes. 8. If the family unit applies for the maximum allowed number of two 9. The Trinity in Christian Science is found in the unity of God 10. Leave your brother alone .
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ek No of characters: 3 including vowels consonants matras. Transliteration : ek 
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