Meaning of khyati in english - Khyati meaning 

Meaning of khyati in english

Interpreting khyati - ख्याति
Other : designation
Suggested : the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing estimation in the view of others reputation the estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by the community or the public generally repute a supply of goods kept on hand for sale to customers by a merchant, distributor, manufacturer, etc inventory widespread reputation, especially of a favorable character renown public eminence
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Usage of ख्याति:
1. भारत के मुक्केबाजी स्टार विजेंदर सिंह ने अपनी ख्याति के अनुरूप प्रदर्शन करते हुए शनिवार को तंजानिया के फ्रांसिस चेका को दस मिनट के अंदर ही नाकआउट करके पेशेवर मुक्केबाज के रूप में अपना अजेय अभियान जारी रखने के साथ ही डब्ल्यूबीओ एशिया पैसेफिक का अपना खिताब बरकरार रखाlivehindustan.com2. शास्त्रीय नृत्य अपने देश में ही नहीं बल्कि विदेशों में भी खूब ख्याति प्राप्त कर रहा है jagran.com3. अमेरिकी धारावाहिक 'क्वांटिको' के माध्यम से अंतरराष्ट्रीय ख्याति प्राप्त कर चुकीं प्रियंका चोपड़ा ने कहा है कि वह कभी किसी के साथ डेट पर नहीं गई हैं
1. Her fame grew throughout the early 1990s 2. Yes, I will stock up today . 3. Heriot-Watt continues to have a strong reputation in engineering 4. The Arabic alphabet can be encoded using several character sets 5. I appeared under the stage name Rex Righteous . 6. The esteem is better than celebrity 7. The city was to showcase the power and prestige of Greek rule 8. A number of violinists from Hungary have also achieved international renown 9. Despite what the designation would suggest 10. Please make a mental note of my telephone number .
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khyati can be used as noun. and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 6 including consonants matras. Transliteration : khyaati 
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