Meaning of panga lena in english - Panga Lena meaning 

Meaning of panga lena in english

Interpreting panga lena - पंगा लेना
Suggested : to come into opposition, as one thing with another, especially with the effect of hampering action or procedure (often followed by with ) to thrust or bring in without invitation, permission, or welcome
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Usage of पंगा लेना:
1. कुशीनगर के तमकुहीराज से कांग्रेस विधायक अजय कुमार से पंगा लेना सेवरही थाने के एसओ और एसआई को महंगा पड़ गया
1. Be rest of my stuff, Do not meddle in 2. Action to interfere
panga lena can be used as verb. and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 9 including consonants matras. Transliteration : pa.ngaa lenaa 
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